Company Law Work

If you are a limited company registered with Companies House there are certain records you must keep and filings you have to perform to comply with Company Law. The following are Company Law records and filings that we will prepare and submit for you, free of charge, if you are signed up as our client.


Confirmation Statement

This statement is an online record showing the basic information of a business as well as details of the directors, shareholders and persons of significant control. This must be filed once a year to Companies House and has a two-week filing deadline

Board Meeting Minutes

This is a record you must keep of any meetings held with directors to discuss any matters affecting the business, such as agreement of dividend rates. These do not have to be filed to Companies House but you are required to keep notes of any meetings held with directors. We can prepare these on your behalf.

Dividend Vouchers

These are vouchers showing the details of the value of a dividend being distributed to a shareholder. You must create these for any and all dividends paid, but they do not need to be filed to Companies House.

Share Transfers

If you decide that you would like to, as a shareholder of your company, give or sell some of your shares to another person we can fill in a J30 Stock Transfer form on your behalf to record this transaction. This is a form that does not need to be submitted to Companies House, but the details of the share transfer will be required to be reported on your annual confirmation statement.